Outline of Prophetic Events [Paperback]

Outline of Prophetic Events by Stanley Bruce Anstey
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I’ve read this book twice and skimmed it many times. Easily the most useful feature to me has been the orderly outline of major prophetic events provided by the 7 simple maps showing key invasions of Israel and various battles. (You see one on the book cover.) Getting that basic outline is hugely helpful in understanding where the many, many prophetic scriptures fit in God’s plan for the near future.

As with Bruce Anstey’s other works, you will find Outline of Prophetic Events to be very neatly organized with many subheadings and supporting Bible references. I’ve found this approach to be especially helpful in getting a good foundation in prophetic truth.

Three extensive appendices provide many more details of interest. They are A Summary of Battles During the Indignation, Indications of the Nearness of the Lord’s Coming and a very helpful one, The Church Will NOT Go Through the Tribulation. This last provides an avalanche of scriptural proofs that the bride of Christ will be with Him when the focus of His work on earth shifts to judgment.

Any study of prophecy is extremely morally healthy when taken up in a spirit other than mere curiosity or a wonkish desire to be an expert. After all, knowing of the Lord’s immediate return, His ways in judgment and righteousness and His coming public display of glory are thrilling for any heart attached to Christ. Outline of Prophetic Events provides an excellent way to get a grasp of the big picture. I’ve also found Prophetic Scriptures by Clarence Lunden to be a helpful accompaniment. Another excellent moral refresher might be found in Behold the Bridegroom by Wolston, which contains far more than a treatment of the rapture.