The Hopes of the Church of God: The Geneva Lectures [Paperback]

The Hopes of the Church of God: The Geneva Lectures by John Nelson Darby
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The foundation lectures on dispensationalism and the church’s place in today's world.

Excerpt: In the glory of Christ and of the Church, God has given us a futurity full of His own designs, the present study of which fills our hearts full of associations with Him, and this assuredly is one of His objects in dispensing prophecy to us; He reveals it to us as His friends (John 15:15Eph. 1:9), making us participators of the thoughts which occupy Himself. He could not give us a more tender pledge of His love and confidence (Gen. 18:17), nor anything having a holier tendency as regards ourselves. In fact, if men are to be known by the ends they are pursuing, our conduct in the present life will have the impress and bearing of that futurity which we are expecting; our life here will be colored by the foretaste of things there. Those whose ambition is dignity and power, those who dream only of riches, those who have no other aim than the pleasures of this world, act according to that which is in their heart; their habits bear the mark of what they are longing for. So, it is in the Church. If the faithful understood their calling, which is no less than participation in a coming heavenly glory, what would be the consequence? Nothing less than to live here as strangers and pilgrims. In distinguishing the prophecies which relate to this earth, they would better understand the nature of the earthly promises made to the Jews, and would learn to separate them from those which refer to us Gentiles; they would judge the spirit of the age, and would preserve their hearts from being engrossed by human objects, and from many a care and distraction hurtful to the life of a Christian; they would exercise a happy dependence on Him who has ordered all things, and who knows the end from the beginning, and would yield themselves entirely to that hope which has been given them, and to the discharge of those duties which flow from it.

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1.Lecture 1

2.Lecture 2

3.Lecture 3

4.Lecture 4

5.Lecture 5

6.Lecture 6

7.Lecture 7

8.Lecture 8

9.Lecture 9

10.Lecture 10

11.Lecture 11

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The Hopes of the Church of God: The Geneva Lectures by John Nelson Darby
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176 pages