The Collected Writings of F.G. Patterson [Hardback]

The Collected Writings of F.G. Patterson by Frederick George Patterson
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Large Hardback
336 pages

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For some years, F. G. Patterson edited Words of Truth. He also contributed articles to other periodicals and authored four books--A Chosen Vessel, Lectures on the Church, Lessons for the Wilderness, and The Ways of God. These rich meditations, his many articles, and his answers to correspondents are now brought together in one large volume. Patterson has been highly esteemed for his clear and concise presentation of truth.

Table of Contents

1.Introductory Notes

2.Forty Days

3.Forty Days: 1. The Forty Days of the Flood

4.Forty Days: 2. The Forty Days of Moses on Mount Sinai

5.Forty Days: 3. The Forthy Days' Searching of Canaan

6.Forty Days: 4. Human Weakness and Divine Strength

7.Forty Days: 5. Repentance and Forgiveness

8.Forty Days: 6. Conflict and Victory

9.Forty Days: 7. Redemption and Glory

10.Is the Christian in Adam or in Christ? and What Is the Result of This as Regards His Standing and Walk?

11.He Will Swallow Up Death in Victory

12.Lord's Supper, The

13.Water of Purification, The

14.Red Sea and Jordan, The

15.Personal and Corporate Actions of the Holy Spirit, The: 1. The Holy Spirit as a Quickener and a Witness

16.Personal and Corporate Actions of the Holy Spirit, The: 2. The Spirit as a Seal

17.Personal and Corporate Actions of the Holy Spirit, The: 3. The Body of Christ Formed by the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

18.Personal and Corporate Actions of the Holy Spirit, The: 4. The Walk of Saints According to the Spirit

19.Vine, The

20.His Will - His Work

21.Zaphnath-Paaneah: Genesis 41 & John 4


23.O Wretched Man That I Am! Who Shall Deliver Me?

24.Jews, The

25.Noah Building the Ark, and Noah in the Ark: The Two-Fold Christian Testimony

26.Training of the Children of Believers, Correspondence on the

27.Singing at the Graves of Our Brethren, Correspondence on

28.State of the Saints Under Promise, Law, and Grace, Correspondence on the

29.Dead to Sin: Dead to the Law

30.Ephesians, Philippians, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy

31.Aaron and His Sons

32.Brief Word on Matthew 12:5, A

33.Bunch of Hyssop, The

34.New Birth, The: 1. What Is It?

35.New Birth, The: 2. Repentance

36.New Birth, The: 3. Two Natures - the Old Not Changed or Set Aside

37.New Birth, The: 4. The New Man - Eternal Life

38.New Birth, The: 5. Walking in the Spirit

39.New Birth, The: 6. in the Light - Confession

40.God's Sovereignty and Man's Responsibility

41.There Is One Body and One Spirit: 1. Preface to the Third Edition

42.There Is One Body and One Spirit: 1. There Is One Body and One Spirit

43.There Is One Body and One Spirit: 2. Distinctive Positions of a Jew and a Gentile in the Old Testament

44.There Is One Body and One Spirit: 3. The Wall of Partition Removed

45.There Is One Body and One Spirit: 4. Christ - the Head of the Body, in Heaven

46.There Is One Body and One Spirit: 5. What Is Union With Christ?

47.There Is One Body and One Spirit: 6. The Formation of One Body by the Baptism of the Holy Ghost

48.There Is One Body and One Spirit: 7. The Lord's Supper

49.Unity of the Spirit, The: Preface

50.Scripture Queries and Answers: From Words of Truth Vol. 1

51.Perseverance of the Saints

52.Proverbs 1:26

53.Does the Holy Ghost Dwell in Christendom?

54.Galatians 3:10 and Philippians 3:18, 19

55.Cross, The

56.How Does God Create Evil?


58.Entering Into Temptation

59.John 1:51


61.Christ Learned Obedience

62.Quickening - Sealing

63.Olive Tree, The

64.1 Peter 1:1-2

65.Hebrews 13:13

66.Luke 16

67.Prayer to the Holy Ghost

68.Judgment Seat of Christ, The

69.Keeping the Unity of the Spirit

70.Indwelling of the Spirit

71.Saints and Faithful

72.Ephesians 1:18

73.Peter's Fishing After the Resurrection

74.Simon, Son of Jonas

75.Baptism of the Holy Ghost

76.What Is the Perfect Man?

77.Lord's Supper: Eating and Drinking Unworthily

78.Judas and the Lord's Supper

79.Is Righteousness God's Gift?

80.When Does Sealing Take Place?

81.What Does the Number Five Signify?

82.What Is the Meaning of Romans 6:17?

83.Many Called, Few Chosen

84.Anointing and Sealing

85.Eternal Life and Renewing the Sacrifices

86.Author and Finisher of Faith, The

87.Colossians 1

88.Hidden Manna and White Stone

89.Saul and the Witch of Endor

90.John 3:13

91.Believer's Confession of Sins, The

92.Make Your Calling and Election Sure

93.Are Christians Under a Covenant?

94.Reward in Colossians 2:18

95.Lie Not One to Another

96.Foolish Virgins, The

97.Dispensational Teaching of John 1; 2; 20; 21

98.Continuous Prayer?

99.Living God in 1 Timothy 3:15

100.Indwelling of the Holy Ghost in the Glory

101.First Resurrection, The

102.Isaiah 49:9-10

103.Gift: Government

104.Numbers 23:19; Exodus 32:14

105.Baptism of the Spirit

106.Colossians 4:12

107.Grieving and Quenching the Spirit

108.Experience of Romans 7, The

109.Matthew 16:19 and Matthew 18:18

110.Kingdom of Heaven - Kingdom of God

111.Hebrews 12:23

112.Women Praying in Meetings

113.Old Testament Saints

114.Governmental Forgiveness

115.Commencement of Ministry Concerning the One Body

116.Quickening, Sealing, Deliverance

117.Christian and Attractions to the Flesh, The

118.Character of Christ's Priesthood Now: Aaronic or Melchisedec?

119.When Is a Person Sprinkled With the Blood?


121.2 Corinthians 3:12, 13

122.Census Difficulties

123.Three, or Seven Years?

124.Fifty Shekels or Six Hundred Shekels?

125.Care Meetings

126.New Birth

127.Forgiveness, Sealing, Deliverance

128.Daniel's 70th Week

129.Emptied Himself

130.Two Witnesses, The

131.Tribulation Saints

132.Earth-Dwellers of Revelation

133.Christ as High Priest

134.Word, The

135.Church Is Both Body and Bride, The

136.Doing All to the Glory of God

137.Cup of Wrath, The

138.Restrainer, The

139.Binding of Satan, and Sin, The

140.What Is a Living Sacrifice?

141.Earnest of the Spirit

142.Elect Angels

143.Missions of the Seventy and the Twelve

144.Who Are the Two Witnesses?

145.Church and Ephesians 1, The

146.Tribe of Dan Not in Revelation 7

147.Half-Week in Revelation

148.What Is Renewed in Knowledge?

149.Thou Shalt Surely Die: What Death?

150.Serpent of Brass, The

151.What Is the Reproach of Egypt?

152.Why Am I Called to Gain That Which I Possess?

153.Formulary of Baptism


155.How Did Jacob Prevail Over God?

156.Priesthood and Advocacy

157.Jephthah's Sacrifice

158.Sin, Sins, Transgressions, Iniquities, Evil, Infirmities

159.Ambassador for Christ

160.Romans 4:25

161.Likeness of His Death, The

162.Is a General Judgment a Scriptural Thought?

163.Fellowship One With Another

164.Righteousness of God by Faith

165.State of the Godly Remnant of Jews in the Last Days, in Contrast With Abraham, The

166.Outline of the Parable of the Talents

167.Hope of His Calling, The

168.Marks of the Lord Jesus, The

169.Dead in Sins - Dead With Christ

170.Heavenly Calling, The

171.Baptized for the Dead

172.State of the Soul After Death

173.Eating Blood

174.Holy Ghost as a Seal, The

175.Fearful and Unbelieving, The

176.Restoration of Israel, The

177.We in John 3:11

178.Earthly and Heavenly Things

179.Kingdom of God and Leaven, The

180.Waiting for the Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ

181.New Jerusalem, The

182.Perfect Man, A

183.Was Christ the First Adam?

184.Apples of Gold in Pictures of Silver

185.Does the Holy Ghost Dwell in the Church, His Body?

186.Has the Lord Fulfilled the Law in Any Sense?

187.Your Body, the Temple of the Holy Ghost?

188.Proper Formula to Be Used in Baptism?, The

189.Kingdom of Heaven Suffering Violence


191.Wilderness and Desert

192.Ways of God: a Brief Outline of God's Dealings With Israel, the Nations, and the Church, and His Purposes for the Glory of Christ, The: 1. Preface

193.Ways of God, The: 1. Government, Grace, and Glory

194.Ways of God, The: 3. the Past History of the People of Israel

195.Ways of God, The: 4. the Times of the Gentiles and Their Judgment

196.Ways of God, The: 5. the Calling of the Church, and Her Glory

197.Ways of God, The: 6. the Corruption of Christendom

198.Ways of God, The: 7. the Judgment of Israel and the Nations Introductive of the Kingdom

199.Ways of God, The: 8. the Judgment of Israel and the Nations Introductive of the Kingdom, Continued

200.Ways of God, The: 9. the Judgment of Israel and the Nations Introductive of the Kingdom, Continued

201.Ways of God, The: 10. the Glory, or Kingdom

202.Ways of God, The: 11. Satan Loosed for a Little Season, the Great White Throne, and the Eternal State

203.Ways of God, The: 12. Conclusion

204.Chosen Vessel, A: 1. The Vessel in the Potter, the Potter in the Vessel

205.Chosen Vessel, A: 2. The End of Man's History

206.Chosen Vessel, A: 3. The Vessel Called, the New Man

207.Chosen Vessel, A: 4. The Vessel Set Free

208.Chosen Vessel, A: 5. Why Did God Permit the Entrance of Evil?

209.Chosen Vessel, A: 6. The New Man

210.Chosen Vessel, A: 7. The Vessel Emptied of Human Strength

211.Chosen Vessel, A: 8. The Purpose of God in the Vessel

212.Chosen Vessel, A: 9. God in the Vessel

213.Blackrock Lectures: Preface

214.Blackrock Lecture 1: 1. Christ, Head Over All the Assembly, Which Is His Body

215.Blackrock Lecture 1: 2. Christ, Head Over All Things

216.Blackrock Lecture 1: 3. Head … to the Assembly

217.Blackrock Lecture 1: 4. Which Is His Body

218.Blackrock Lecture 2: The House of God, Which Is the Assembly of the Living God

219.Blackrock Lecture 3: Christ Among the Candlesticks

220.Blackrock Lecture 4: Him That Overcometh

221.Blackrock Lecture 5: Our Present Condition and Our Hope

222.Blackrock Lecture 6: The Church in the Glory, and the Father's House


224.John's Baptism

225.Christian Baptism

226.Baptism Admission to Privilege, Not a Witness to the State of the Baptized

227.Baptism of the Houses of Those Received

228.Difference of House and Body


230.Ways of God, The: 2. the General Scope of the Dealings of God

231.Lessons for the Wilderness: Preface

232.Lessons for the Wilderness: 1. Initiatory Lessons

233.Lessons for the Wilderness: 2. Initiatory Lessons

234.Lessons for the Wilderness: 3. Preparation for the Journey

235.Lessons for the Wilderness: 4. Preparation for the Journey

236.Lessons for the Wilderness: 5. The Threefold Chord of Praise

237.Lessons for the Wilderness: 6. The First Three Days in the Wilderness

238.Lessons for the Wilderness: 7. By-Paths and Straight Paths

239.Lessons for the Wilderness: 8. The First Three Days on the Journey

240.Lessons for the Wilderness: 9. The Two Trumpets of Silver

241.Lessons for the Wilderness: 10. The Trumpet and the Rod

242.Lessons for the Wilderness: 11. The Water of Purification

243.Lessons for the Wilderness: 12. Nazariteship Amongst the Uncircumcised

244.Lessons for the Wilderness: 13. Nazariteship Amongst the Uncircumcised

245.Lessons for the Wilderness: 14. Greater Works

246.Lessons for the Wilderness: 15. The Ribband of Blue

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