The Father and the Prodigal [Booklet]

The Father and the Prodigal by John Nelson Darby
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48 pages

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It is a wonderfully blessed thing to have One who could so well manifest God-not only in His words, but in His works and ways - as the Lord Jesus.
We may look at the sin of man - at our sins - as a question to be judged of in the light of righteousness before God, and most important it is; but still, in one sense, God moves above all the evil, and asserts His right to show what He is. And blessed is it for us, that God will be God in spite of sin. God is love; and if He will be God, He must be love, in spite of all the reasonings of man’s corrupt heart against Him.

Do you know God thus? You would know yourselves, too. Be it so; it is indeed well; but do not call God’s heart in question because of that. How can I know God’s heart? Is it by looking into my own heart? No: by learning it in the gift of His Son. The God we have to do with is the God who has given His Son for sinners; and if we do not know this, we do not know Him at all. Do not be saying to God, Make me one of Thy hired servants! Service must result from the knowledge of Himself. Do not be putting the estimate of your own hearts on God’s goodness. Our hearts have such a tendency to turn back to legalism, and think it humbleness. The only real humbleness, and strength, and blessing, is to forget self in the presence and blessedness of God. We may be brought thither by a humbling process; but it is not in thinking evil of self merely that we are truly humble. We have the privilege of forgetting ourselves in the manifestation of the love of God and our Father, who is love to us.

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