The Man of Sorrows: As Set Forth in the Gospel of Luke [Paperback]

The Man of Sorrows: As Set Forth in the Gospel of Luke by John Nelson Darby
240 pages
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Different than many of J. N. Darby’s works in its largely devotional or practical focus. It’s not that there aren’t helpful expositions of difficult passages, but the tone of this work is more focused on a heart attraction to that godly Man.

While many of J. N. Darby’s works have a significant depth that depth is matched by the significant effort needed to wade through the prose. Certainly that effort is well repaid but it isn’t the ideal starting point for a beginner. However, The Man of Sorrows along with his lectures provide an excellent and readable introduction to the works of this man of God.

Besides the refreshing devotional aspect of The Man of Sorrows, you will find a lot in it that addresses the conscience as well. For example, the following words are a challenge to many of us: “What a difference, too, between giving up the world and the world giving us up! We may do the one with comparative ease, but when we feel the world despises us, as Christ was despised, we shall discover, unless He fills and satisfies the heart, that we had a value for its esteem that we were not aware of. When obedience is as important to us in our measure as obeying was to Christ, we shall go right in whatever be before us.” Those are healthy words to think over in the soul.