The Evangelists: Meditations on the Four Gospels [Paperback]

The Evangelists: Meditations on the Four Gospels by John Gifford Bellett
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370 pages

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1. Your Heart Will Warm Up

No doubt I’m biased since J. G. Bellett is my favorite of all the authors found on this site, but I suspect that you too won’t be able to put down this book without having a greater affection for Christ. Proofing this new edition was sheer delight. In the extract available below the author mentions how our joy and communion affect our power to draw others to Christ. You will see Bellett’s joy in Christ reflected throughout the book and feel that drawing power to the one worthy object of faith, Jesus Christ. Don’t expect a comprehensive commentary on every verse of every gospel. Instead you’ll get great insights into the teaching of these books but deeper insights into the person of Christ. Evangelists, page 21 pdf

2. Save Time Searching

While the real value of this book is unlocked by reading it cover to cover we’ve made our best attempt to make this new edition as friendly for browsers as possible. To test our design a couple of us raced each other to find different passages in this edition and previous ones. It was no contest. You’ll soon see why when you think a bit about how the page headers, footers, subheads and tabs shown on the sample pages below would help you “find it fast.” Evangelists, pages 120-121 pdf

3. Surprising, Fresh Insights

This is no dry textbook and, nice as it would be, not a detailed exposition either. (Though you will find many helpful pages on John’s gospel.) For example, I found marvels for my soul and challenges for the conscience on the following pages. You probably will too. Evangelists, pages 138-139 pdf

4. Easy on Tired Eyes

Since the new edition has been entirely re-typeset with the conversion of all verse references to the modern format, an attractive typeface and useful navigation features, we think you’ll find it easy to read at length. Just what this book merits! Evangelists, pages 69-70 pdf

Table of Contents

1. Gospels, Introduction to the Four

2. Matthew's Gospel, Introduction to

3. Matthew 1-2

4. Matthew 3-20

5. Matthew 21-25

6. Matthew 26-28

7. Mark's Gospel, Introduction to

8. Mark 1-10

9. Mark 11-13

10. Mark 14-15

11. Mark 16

12. Luke's Gospel, Introduction to

13. Luke 1-2

14. Luke 3-4

15. Luke 5-9:50

16. Luke 9:51-19:27

17. Luke 19:28-Luke 23

18. Luke 24

19. John's Gospel, Introduction to

20. John 1-4

21. John 5-12

22. John 13-17

23. John 18-21

24. Meditation on the Lord Jesus Christ, in His Varied Characters in the Four Gospels, A

25. Lamb of God, The

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The Evangelists: Meditations on the Four Gospels by John Gifford Bellett
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370 pages