Bible Truth Publishers has been sharing God’s Word with others since its beginnings under the name of Bible Truth Depot in 1885. We’ve always been a non-profit whose goal is to share God’s Word with others. What we believe is laid out clearly at the bottom of this page.

We want this site to be an ever growing resource as you “do the work of an evangelist.” You’ll find…

Large-Print Tracts for your work in nursing homes and anywhere else you find those with poor vision (each is imprintable with your contact information).

Regular Size tracts for economical printing and distribution of small quantities. If you use a lot of tracts you’ll find that these are more economical, varied and of high quality.

Powerful Word stories are true stories to encourage every gospel worker to persevere in faith. Here’s a sample story that tells of a Jew’s conversion.

Cards/Texts/Pins can be easily posted to social media, emailed to a friend or printed as a card for the more-meaningful-than-ever mailing the “old-fashioned” way.

Echoes of Grace is a monthly magazine you could choose to subscribe to and read for yourself or send to a friend. You can read the full text here and find encouragement and illustrations for your next gospel message.

News&Tips is packed with ideas for personal evangelism and broadcast witness.

Enjoy! and do tell others about God’s Good News today.

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