Building Carefully

Consistency counts
A friend who loves to share God’s Word encouraged me with this one. He always uses the same gas station, even when it means driving a bit farther. He, gasp, will even pay a few cents more per gallon. Why? Because what he values more than the $0.50 savings on his tank of gas is the chance to know the gas station attendants life and heart. Then, little by little, he works in a personal word for the Saviour. These are sometimes long term projects bathed in lots of prayer. Who said it wasn’t a walk of faith? But hasn’t our Lord patiently cultivated our love?

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Expires When?

You Might Be Surprised
People politely and gratefully receive wallet (pocket) calendars late into the year–far longer than other calendars are often accepted. Why not hand one to the person ahead of you and the one behind you the next time you are in line at the store?

Try it. You might be surprised at the results.

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