He Heard the Click of a Trigger

Pathan or Christian?
In India there lived a Kazi (a judge of a civil court) who was also a Pathan and a Muslim. Soon after trusting in Jesus Christ as his Savior, he went back to his frontier home in Afghanistan where he was entertained by his brother.

He heard the click of a trigger and turned just in time to let a bullet…

After a dinner in the brother’s house, the Kazi became ill. He suffered more and more until he realized that he had been poisoned. Seeking to escape certain death at his brother’s hands, he fled the house and ran down the road until he fell unconscious by the roadside. There he was found by friends and rescued.

Later a bullet whizzed by his head and he narrowly escaped death a second time. Still another time he heard the click of a trigger and turned just in time to let a bullet pass harmlessly by.

Yet when his brother fell into financial difficulty, the Kazi tried to help him. He succeeded in getting someone to go and help his brother. The ungrateful brother wrote: “You are not a true Pathan, for no Pathan would ever forgive what I have done to you. I disown you!”

The Kazi wrote back, “Whether or not I am a true Pathan, you must judge. But what I am, this book has made me,” and he sent his brother a copy of the Bible.

Hard and unforgiving though the Pathan was, yet he could not resist the patient love of his Christian brother. Soon he was reading the Bible and learning of God our Saviour “who will have all men to be saved, and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” All men―everywhere. Pathan or Indian, Hindu or Muslim, all are invited to come in faith to the Lord Jesus Christ, the One who promises that “him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out” (John 6:37).

Adapted from He Giveth Life.

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