Jose, the Burglar

Jose, once a burglar but now a Christian, tells the story of his conversion.

One evening I broke into a house and, hiding myself under a bed, waited for the family to go to sleep. When they were ready to go to bed, to my horror, they all gathered in the room where I was hidden and sat down! The father came over to the bed itself, and for one awful moment I thought he had seen me. But he picked up a book and sat down to read to his wife and children.
I didn’t stop to steal anything else, but went out into the night with the…

They were wonderful words he read―I had never heard the like of them before. When he had finished he put the book back on the table and then the family knelt in prayer. I hoped they wouldn’t see me under the bed! As I heard them pray, it seemed like they were talking to a friend in the room. I had never heard anyone talk to God like that before.

At last the family went to bed. When I thought everyone was asleep, I crept from my hiding place, stole over to the table and picked up the book. I didn’t stop to steal anything else, but went out into the night with the book in my hand. It was a Bible.

As I read the Bible at home, I became more and more disturbed, yet I felt that in it lay the secret of true happiness. The day finally came when I confessed my sins to God and asked Him to receive me through the Lord Jesus Christ.

My life was completely changed. I wanted to live honestly. I knew that I should return the Bible to its owner, so I did so. The father of the family seemed even more pleased to hear about the story of my salvation than to receive his Bible back!

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Adapted from Living Waters.