Start a Conversation–Zaccheus

Do You Need Help Starting Conversations?


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How many people today know the story of Zaccheus? Probably not very many. But this would be great for starting a conversation with kids at the park. We’ve met other kids through our son. What a wonderful opportunity to open up a natural conversation with a child and then give a little taste of the far more important message of Luke 19:10.  The T-shirt message is far from complete but perhaps it will help you to open a conversation.

Get Your T-shirt Made

Download the the large JPG of the T-shirt and upload the picture to your T-shirt manufacturer of choice. We’ve used several. Here’s one possibility with decent prices among the thousands out there.


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Keep One Eye Open

Sometimes there are opportunities hiding right under our noses but our eyes are closed. Last summer we were praying about ways to have a “hobby class” with 4 neighbor boys who played with our son some of the time. Halfway through the summer we got a trampoline, put the sprinkler under it and the kids were all jumping around inside the safety net having a wonderful time. Then they’d get tired, come to the back porch and want a drink. It took a week or two to realize the Lord had answered prayer. They got their water, a refreshing popsicle and a Bible story at a time when the were tired enough to not be too wiggly. What opportunities are right on our doorstep?

(By the way, that’s the eyeball of an elk staring at you. He was about a foot away on the opposite side of a chainlink fence.)