Three Friends of God [Paperback]

Three Friends of God by Frances A. Bevan
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402 pages

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If you have ever been falsely accused, you will find great encouragement from the life of Henry Suso, who wrote, “Now have I seen Thee and found Thee, For Thou hast found Thy sheep.” He wrote this and other deeply devotional poems just before the Reformation dawned in Europe. However, he experienced severe false accusations and endured them for Christ’s sake until the record could be cleared.

God’s work to deliver three men (Dr. Tauler, Nicholas of Basle, and Henry Suso) from the darkness of the Middle Ages is brought out beautifully in Three Friends of God. This work is especially relevant as the modern Christian world rapidly returns to those pre-Reformation days. Frances Bevan makes it clear that these men didn’t step out into the full light of the gospel of God but does show how the Lord began to turn the light of His truth on in the darkness of Europe. I found this fascinating and conscience-arousing in the light of modern developments.

If you are familiar with the other writings of Frances Bevan, you will feel at home in Three Friends of God. Bevan shines the light of recovered truth into the sometimes-darkness of the Bible characters while showing clearly much of what God was doing in their souls and through them for others. We benefit from the many hours spent sifting the historical record and bringing some of the soul-gems out for our learning.

As with other of our books labeled “classic reprint,” you will find a certain number of little flecks on the pages as a result of imperfections in the type used to produce them. This edition cleans up the large majority of those found in our rare copy but not all of them. I found it very easy to read the original and think you will have no problem with the even better reprint, but you can judge for yourself by downloading the sample PDF file before buying.

Table of Contents


2.Sermon of Dr. Tauler, The: Chapter 1

3.Another Sermon of Dr. Tauler: Chapter 2

4.Nicholas Tells the Master Wholesome Truths: Chapter 3

5.Who Was Nicholas? Chapter 4

6.Belief of the Brethren, The: Chapter 5

7.Love of the Brethren, The: Chapter 6

8.Preaching of the Brethren, The: Chapter 7

9.Nicholas Tells His Story to Dr. Tauler: Chapter 8

10.Master Owns Himself a Sinner, The: Chapter 9

11.Master Learns His A. B. C., The: Chapter 10

12.Sermon to the Nuns, The: Chapter 13

13.Great Power of God, The: Chapter 14

14.Serpent Lifted Up, The: Chapter 15

15.The Merchantmen in the Temple: Chapter 16

16.Heritage of the Heathen, The: Chapter 17

17.Freighted Ship, The: Chapter 18

18.Apple Trees, The: Chapter 19

19.Work: Chapter 20

20.Religion of Man, The: Chapter 21

21.Rest: Chapter 22

22.Summer Fields, The: Chapter 23

23.Cause and the Effect, The: Chapter 24

24.Full Measure, The: Chapter 25

25.Heart of God, The: Chapter 26

26.Unveiled Face, The: Chapter 27

27.Vineyards, The: Chapter 28

28.Water-Springs, The: Chapter 29

29.Out of Egypt: Chapter 30

30.Wilderness, The: Chapter 31

31.Mass, The: Chapter 32

32.Mystics, The: Chapter 33

33.Master's Friends, The: Chapter 34

34.Vengeance of Rome, The: Chapter 35

35.Farewell, The: Chapter 36

36.Cloud, The: Chapter 37

37.Nicholas of Basle: Chapter 38

38.Night to Be Remembered, A: Chapter 39

39.Four Sad Years: Chapter 40

40.Light and Darkness: Chapter 41

41.Sect Everywhere Spoken Against, The: Chapter 42

42.Mountain Home, The: Chapter 43

43.House of the Green Meadow, The: Chapter 44

44.Nicholas at Rome: Chapter 45

45.Chariot of Fire, The: Chapter 46

46.Pilgrim's Progress of 1352, The: Chapter 47

47.More Light and Less Love: Chapter 48

48.Another Friend of God: Chapter 49

49."The Glory of That Light": Chapter 50

50.Dark Shadow, The: Chapter 51

51.Knight of God, The: Chapter 52

52.God's Cup of Myrrh: Chapter 53

53."Ye Shall Be Hated of All Men": Chapter 54

54.New Song, A: Chapter 55

55.Song of Praise*, The

56.Tablet of Wax, The: Chapter 56

57.Preacher and the Enemy, The: Chapter 57

58.From the World to God: Chapter 58

59.Gospel of the Friends of God, The: Chapter 59

60.Labor Ended, the Rest Begun, The: Chapter 60

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