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About Us

Who we are, our history and what we believe.


All Languages

Access to all items of each language on site.


Bible Conference Notes: Digital Library Edition

Digital Libraray edition of Bible conference notes made by Grace Campbell.


Bible Searcher pdf's

Bible Searcher pdf's of each for each month of the year.


Bible Teaching

Convenient entry point to view Bible teaching items arranged by author, by best sellers, by book of the Bible from Gensis to Revelation, by subject and by type of media such as audio, CD, and MP3 format. …


Bible Teaching: Ebook, Audio & Computer

Convenient access to Bible teaching items in Ebook (Mobi & Epub formats), audio and computer formats. …


Bible Truth Library

A digital library of Bibles, Hymnbooks, Periodicals, Book Collections and Reference works. …



Looking for a bible? View bibles arranged by language, by translation, by publisher, by study bible, by media type. Also, find bible cases and rebinding and imprint services. …



Information about calendars we publish and distribute including Joyful News, Gospel Wallet, Christian's Daily, Boys' and Girls', Gospel of Peace, Illuminated Scripture, Reflections Appointment, Choice Gleanings, The Lord Is Near, Towel Calendars, as well as Thank You and Tract Cards. The Joyful News and Gospel Wallet are printed in multiple languages. Imprinting is available for the Joyful News, the Gospel Wallet and the Gospel of Peace Appointment calendars. …


Charts & Maps


Christian Home Gift Maker

FREE gifts you can make for special occasions.


Concise Bible Dictionary: Digital Library Edition

The digital library edition of this dictionary.


Custom Gospel of Peace Calendar: Website Note

How to create your own custom Gospel of Peace calendar and assign it a Design ID# (number). …


Daily Meditation

Enjoy a comforting and enouraging mediatation on this web site for each day of the year. …


Digital Book Making Instructions


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