An Updated List of Charts and Maps Stocked by Bible Truth Publishers

Visual aids are often quite helpful. This list includes over 100 items including many which may not appear on BTP's website or in BTP's catalog, though regularly stocked by BTP. Many of them are provided to accompany a book or pamphlet. For items related to the Pentateuch, please request our TABERNACLE Interest List. For items related to peophecy and dispensationalism, please request our PROPHECY Interest List. …

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2023 Bible Truth Publishers Catalog

Current Edition, WITH Current Seasonal Advertising and ORDER FORM, 48 pages


2023 Gospel Catalog: Evangelism Literature List [Tracts]

An illustrated presentation of gospel tracts, tract cards, tract packs, audio tracts, and gospel booklets currently available from BTP. Updated annually. A currently updated computer printout is also available on demand and may be substituted if the full-color edition is not currently available. …

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Selected Seed for Spring and Summer Sowing: 2022, New and Best-Selling Gospel Tracts Flyer [Tracts]

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