Little Things Aren’t

Slow and steady wins the race
Big group outings with our brothers and sisters to distribute the gospel are wonderful. But most of life is built around little habits. How many hours of life get spent on checking the news, decompressing and drivel? Why not use lunch hours or after dinner walks or Saturday morning exercise time to go door to door near your home or workplace? How many souls live within a 5 mile radius of you?  In the last 3 years in our area we’ve been to over 5,000 homes on our lunch hours. Some days it might be as few as 8 homes after driving ten minutes to get there and then ten minutes back with more time on little details like food. But 8 every work day for 3 years, less a couple weeks of vacation every year, comes out to 6,000 homes. Little things aren’t little. Email This Post Email This Post

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