Unwanted Gospel Tract

Is God A Policeman?

Bob, give me the paper,” said Bill Lawson, an engineer, to the newsboy at a train station. Bob, the newsboy, had been recently converted to God. In his new-found happiness he was anxious to share his joy with others. “I’ll give you a paper,” was his answer, “if you promise to read this tract.”

“Tract! I don’t want any such rubbish,” and Bill walked away.

At their next meeting the engineer made the same request, and got the same reply. A third time Bill asked for a paper, and when he heard the same answer he said to Bob, “You really want me to read it?”

“I sure do, Mr. Lawson.”

Taking the tract, Bill finally said, “Well, then, I’ll try it.”

When they next met Bob’s first question was, “Did you read that tract?”

“I did―and I never read anything like it before! I always thought God was like a policeman with a club in His hand trying to arrest me and beat me up. Now I see that He loves me! If He is such a loving God, then I want to know and love Him!”

Many, like Bill Lawson, imagine that God is like a policeman pursuing them to shut them up in the prison of hell. What a perversion of the true character of God!

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Adapted from His Riches.

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